An indoor swimming pool with heated sea water is located in a separate building.

The length of the swimming track is 25 meters, the depth of the pool is from 1.5 to 3 meters, the water temperature is 25-28 ° C. It is intended for healthful bathing and rest.

Swimming in the pool has a beneficial effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular system, relieves the musculoskeletal system, promotes the movement of joints in water without heavy load, strengthens all muscle groups. Removes excessive excitement, promotes emotional discharge.

During sessions in the pool, a sailor-rescuer is on duty.

Technical features of the pool allow training and sports competitions.

In the pool building there are a sauna, a Charcot and a circular showers.

Swimming pool with sea water in the TAHC «Sudak»

Swimming pool with sea water in the TAHC «Sudak»