Comfortable recreation

On the southeastern coast of the Crimean peninsula there is a beautiful and cozy city of Sudak. Prolific climate, gentle sea, velvety sand of beaches, verdure of the vineyards, picturesque mountain scenery, abundance of sights, create a unique opportunity for vacation and attract visitors from all over the world.

Sudak was founded by the Alans in 212 and traditionally had a principal military, trading, economic and cultural role in the history of the Northern Black Sea Coast. A rich history was reflected in the names of the cities: Sugdeya, Surozh, Soldaya, Soltak. In the VI-XI centuries the city was in the hands of the Byzantine Greeks, paid tribute to the Khazars (from the 7th century) and Polovtsians (from the 11th century), it was raided by the Mongol-Tatars (XIII-XIV centuries), owned by the Genoese (XIV-XV cc.) and the Ottoman Turks (XV-XVIII centuries). Sudak reached its peak in the 12th-13th centuries. Even the Black Sea was then called Sudakian, or Surozhsky. Sudak was an international port where merchants from all over the world met: from Russia, Western Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor, India and China.

After joining of Crimea to Russia in 1783, the intensified development of the region began. Since the end of XIX century. A provincial town becomes a favorite resort among the clerisy, numerous summer residences and hotels appear on the coast.

Sudak is a land of the vine, a birthplace of domestic champagne.

Today Sudak is a famous climatic health resort, due to recreational options and healthful climate, mild and equable, similar to the South Coast.

You can rest here all year round: in snowless winter or tender spring, in hot summer or in golden fall, or so called Indian summer. This side is called the Country of the Sun, shining for 250 hours a year more than in Yalta.

ТОК «Судак»

ТОК «Судак»

Dear friends!
We invite you to spend a vacation in the "Sudak" Tourism and Health Complex. Crimea is a gracious place attracting tourists from all over the world. Discover TAHC "Sudak" - one of the best resorts in Russia.
Directorate of JSC TAHC "Sudak"

Unique place of rest

  • Sudak is located in the Crimea, in the Sudak city, on the first line to the sea, at the bottom of an ancient fortress.
  • Comfortable blocks of "Sudak" are located in the park landmark of landscape art.
  • In our menu we use only eco-friendly products of Crimean production.
  • The medical center has a large set of medical and recreational procedures.
  • Try exclusive option in treatment – the hydrogen sulfide mineralized water.
  • We have all the conditions for an excellent family vacation.
  • "Sudak" is a great place for holding conferences and festivals.
  • There are equipped quartz and pebble sand beaches.
  • We offer interesting excursion and animation programs.
  • Only we have winter indoor and summer outdoor swimming pools.
  • Concerts of Russian pop stars are held at concert stages of the "Sudak" Tourist Complex, other shows are shown.
  • "Sudak" is a health resort with a rich history and traditional hospitality.


  • Beauty salon (hairdresser, manicure and pedicure rooms, skin care parlour)
  • Transfer (for organized groups)
  • Rental of beach and sports equipment
  • Grocery store
  • Pharmacy and souvenir stalls
  • Laundry service
  • Mini-safes
  • Parking
  • Car Wash