Medical center

The healing properties of sea water in combination with the rays of the sun are indisputable, but more effective measures are needed to rest fully and restore strength.

Medical profile of the health resort - treatment of nonspecific diseases of the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, peripheral nervous system, gastrointestinal disorders in the stages of remission or compensation.

Exclusive: the only one in Crimea, unique mineral sulfate-hydrocarbonate water from a local source, which has a multi-vector spectrum therapeutic effect. It is recommended both for drinking treatment for diseases of the liver, gall bladder, bile ducts, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, gastritis, and for external use in the form of medicinal bath for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral arteries, and skin disorders.

TAHC «Sudak»

Medical services

  • Instrumental physiotherapy (ultraviolet irradiation, microwave therapy, high-frequency therapy, magnetotherapy, drug electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy, diadynamic therapy, amplipulse therapy, bioptron ight therapy, darsonvalization, phototherapy, phonophoresis, galvanization);
  • Thermotherapy (ozocerite, paraffin);
  • Hydrotherapy and balneotherapy (hydrogen sulphide and aromatic baths, underwater shower-massage, circular and Charcot therapeutic showers);
  • Inhalation therapy;
  • Manual medical massage (anti-cellulite, restorative, lymphatic drainage); Mechanotherapy with the use of heat-vibromassage equipment Hi-Master, Breeze azmer, NobleRex;
  • Underwater spinal traction;
  • Oxygen therapy (syngento-oxygen therapy, oxygen cocktail);
  • Quantum therapy;
  • Halotherapy (salt cave);
  • Phytobar;
  • Mud wrap and galvanic mud treatment;
  • Therapeutic dentistry;
  • Consultations of the therapist, neurologist, pediatrician, ophthalmologist.

TAHC «Sudak»