The fitness center is located in the building of the business center "Silk Road".

In the fitness center there is a large gym equipped with air conditioning and showers. In separate halls there is classes for aerobics, Chi Quong, table tennis.

In the phyto-bar "Flora" visitors are offered protein, health-giving cocktails, tea with medicinal herbs.

A complex of bathing cultures you can take a steam-bath in Russian sauna, Finnish sauna, experience the charm of a Turkish hammam, refresh yourself in the pool, take a breath between procedures in the relaxation room, relax in the hands of an experienced massage therapist and even take a tan in solarium (Solar, Germany).


The gym of the TAHC "Sudak" is equipped with modern professional equipment "Vasil" (Dnepropetrovsk), you will receive constant professional support from attentive and qualified trainers.

The installation and selection of simulators we refer to the interests of each visitor, regardless of the level of his physical training. The equipment of our gym will suit both a professional athlete and beginners.

While practicing on cardiovascular equipment, you can actively train the heart, raise the general tone, increase endurance and adapt your body to the systematic loads in the gym.

All your questions will be answered by experienced instructors and attentive administrators.

Gym in the TAHC «Sudak»

Yoga-Chi Quong

Chi Quong is an ancient Chinese art of healing and self-regulation, a way of thinking, a method of energoinformational communication with the surrounding world and the whole universe.

The Japanese "qi", the ancient Greek "pneuma", the Slavic "spirit", also the "prana" in blessed India and the transcendental Tibet - all this is more or less synonymous with the Chinese "qi" or "chi". But only the Chinese were able to give this knowledge the appearance of a harmonious system that explains almost all the phenomena of a "subtle" plan, equally suitable for oral and written transmission to the next generations.

Classes on the technique of Yoga-Chi Quong are conducted by a specialist with appropriate qualifications.

Yoga-Chi Quong in the TAHC «Sudak»

Fitness aerobics

Fitness aerobics is a great opportunity to bring your physical form in perfect shape, get rid of excess pounds forever, get an excellent energy boost. Training under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will be able to get a set of exercises, ideally suitable for you, and avoid those unpleasant phenomena, which lead to overload and overtraining of muscles.

Fitness aerobics includes a variety of exercises, harmoniously combining elements of European and Eastern traditional gymnastics, as well as choreographic and dance movements performed to music. Due to the variety of exercises used in fitness aerobics complexes, constant updating and improvement of various programs that are aimed at the development of plasticity, dexterity, strength and application of modern musical accompaniment, it has been one of the most popular sports for several decades already.

The main advantage of fitness aerobics is the comprehensive development of the body, the positive effects of exercises on various muscle groups, the work of the respiratory system, the improvement of mood and the ability to avoid depressions and mental disorders. It is also an effective tool for weight loss, which can be used to maintain a stable weight and excellent physical shape. Aerobics - this is the maximum benefit for your body with minimal time spent on sports!

Fitness aerobics in the TAHC «Sudak»

Russian sauna

A Russian bath is much more than just taking care of a person's health and having a pleasant time - this is a way of life for a person. After all, it's nice to spend time in a sauna and have a conversation with like-minded people, the relaxing effect of a Russian bath promotes it. And it is also known that steam combined with aromas of oils and tinctures, massage with a besom used in Russian baths, any herbal tea create a truly unique atmosphere, which is so pleasant that makes you forget about all the difficulties and problems. It is worth one time to feel the influence of the Russian bath on the body and soul, to forever remain a fan Russian banya!

The main feature of the Russian bath is steam. That's why they say that they go to the sauna to steam. The main difference between the Russian bath is the increased humidity of the microclimate of the air, which is 60-80%. The air temperature fluctuates within 80 ° С. The heat, which is famous for the Russian steam room, opens and cleanses the pores of the body, removes dirt and dead cells from the skin. Hot wet steam promotes the transformation of slags into easily removable byproducts, and a cool shower will completely wash away the traces of even very severe fatigue. It is especially pleasant and useful to steam with oak and birch besoms.

Russian sauna in the TAHC «Sudak»

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna differs from the Russian sauna with a more dry steam, allowing you to raise the temperature in the sauna to 90-100 degrees. Under the influence of temporary overheating, all body functions are activated: blood circulation, respiration and metabolism. Low humidity (less than 15%) makes it possible to warm up well and breathe air, rich aromas of motley grass, and also promotes greater sweating and release of the body from various slags.

The most apparent influence of the sauna is on heat exchange, blood circulation, functions of the autonomic and central nervous system. During the procedure, the human body temperature rises by 1-2 ° C, which leads to a number of adaptive reactions aimed at increasing the reserves of the cardiorespiratory system, immune reactivity, neuro-endocrine and other body systems.

In the process of taking a sauna in the first minutes, the temperature of hot air acting on the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract causes a response in the form of hyperemia. With further stay in the sauna, internal organs are heated. The process includes thermoregulation mechanisms - increased sweat secretion and its evaporation, which contributes to heat transfer and maintenance of heat balance (for every 100 grams of evaporated perspiration the body loses 242.8 kJ on average).

Sauna is used by both adults and children (from the age of three).

Indications: nonspecific diseases of the upper respiratory tract, rheumatism in the inactive form, cardiovascular system disorders (neurocirculatory dystonia, hypertensive disease of the 1st stage), alimentary - constitutional obesity, liver diseases (chronic hepatitis, biliary dyskinesia), chronic nonspecific diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, musculoskeletal system diseases and trauma, peripheral and central nervous system disorder, skin diseases, gynecological diseases - in all in a phase of remission.

Contraindications: acute inflammatory diseases, ischemic heart disease, resting stenocardia, heart diseases (myocarditis, pericarditis, endocarditis, pulmonary heart, mitral stenosis), hypertension 2-3 stages, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, menopause, secondary glaucoma, age over 60 years.

Finnish sauna in the TAHC «Sudak»

Hammam (turkish bath)

Hammam - a wet steam room, a stone bath, where the floor, the seats, the walls are evenly heated; Air temperature 39-42 ° C and 100% humidity. Hammam affects the human body through moist heat. Turkish bath is suitable for those who can not withstand too high temperatures.

Hammam makes you relax as much as possible and get a charge of positive energy, contributes to slowing down the aging process, stimulates blood circulation, softens, cleanses and smoothes the skin, increases the protective function of the entire body.

Wet steam hammam is contraindicated only for acute inflammatory skin diseases. In all other cases, it is just perfect for any type of skin. Dry skin it moisturizes, sensitive gently cleanses, and greasy, blemish-prone skin, clears from comedones, at the same time without causing overdrying and normalizing sebaceous excretions.

Hammam is a preventive agent for a number of diseases: cardiovascular, catarrhal, musculoskeletal problems and others. SPA-procedures in the hammam are very useful: the muscles relax, the skin breathes and clears, stress and ailments disappeared without a trace. Relaxing and corrective massage, cosmetic and figure correcting procedures are most effective after hammam. Also the hammam is perfectly combined with various wraps, thalasso and fangotherapy.

To maximize the perception of oriental bathing traditions, we offer guests a stunning soap or foam massage.

Hammam in the TAHC «Sudak»

Swimming pool and a room for relaxation

Complex of bath cultures are usually accompanied with a swimming pool with refreshing water and a room for relaxation.

Relaxation room in the bath is perhaps one of the main and most important rooms after the steam room, because the relaxation room in the sauna allows you to relax after warming in the steam room, relax, have a lounge with friends.

Pool in the TAHC «Sudak»


After twenty years N. Finsen developed treatment methods with ultraviolet rays, in 1923, there was a first advertising about a tanning lamp - the first solarium for treatment in a sanatorium. Equipment used in tanning salons and special lamps are artificial tanning devices that provide an effective, quick and harmless alternative to natural sunlight.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is a physiotherapy procedure that must be performed under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Do not conduct unsafe experiments on your body. Consult your doctor.

Solarium in the TAHC «Sudak»