There are championships and competitions of billiard professionals in the billiard club at TAHC "Sudak", located in the business center "Silk Road".

To the billiard tables installed on the summer area at the restaurant "Consul", everyone can come to relax and practice their skills.

To improve your level of playing billiards, you need to constantly train. So say the professionals. Fans of this popular game know that you can have a really good time playing billiards. Those wishing to learn how to play billiards first should just go to the pool table and pick up the cue.

Some epochs were gradually replaced by others, and billiards remained. Today, millions of people are interested in this game: someone is professional, the rest for their own pleasure. In 1998, billiards was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a sport.

Experts say that billiards requires a serious personal contribution in moral and physical strength. The professional billiard-player has sharp eyesight, sharpshooting hand, a calculating mind and high physical strength. Only the optimal balancing of all these skills will make it possible to win in the most difficult fight. In addition, the player must be desperate and brave, while keeping cool and slow.

Billiards allows you to maximize the use of physical abilities, the ability to conduct logical lines. Billiards is a constant movement. For the average party, the player passes 2-3 kilometers, so some doctors recommend that patients with apathy syndromes spend several consecutive days per day. It is believed that billiards is able to maintain physical form. In this case, the heart and the respiratory system experience a special load, which is more like a massage. Billiards is simply indispensable for the elderly, as it allows you to perform hardening, training of the optic nerves, coordination without harm to health. The game develops an excellent response, and also trains thought activity, since the location of balls on the table is different each time: it is necessary to come up with an action plan on the go.

The player in billiards is distinguished by coolness, patience and a subtle flair of physical laws. To calculate the trajectory of the ball's motion, it is necessary to take into account the properties of balls, the effect of various frontal impacts, and to know geometry. There are no equal collisions.

Billiards can also serve as entertainment, since it is interesting not only for the players, but also for the spectators. Observation of the game situation allows you to forget about the problems and dive into the world of balls and their collisions.

Billiards allows you to sharpen some of the skills that can come in handy outside the playground. Billiards teaches to believe in yourself and your abilities, do not lose heart, even if the balls have turned away. Honesty, adherence to principles - the basic ethical norms of billiards.

It stands to mention that you can play it at any time: when the weather is bad or in a warm evening.

Billiards in the TAHC «Sudak»

Billiards in the TAHC «Sudak»

Billiards in the TAHC «Sudak»